Voivod is a historical fiction series about the forgotten hero Vlad the Impaler. Researching to write this series changed my life and my entire perspective on how the world works. The first three books of this four-part series are available on Amazon.

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Here’s what readers are saying about Voivod!

“Voivod Book Three: Forest of Spears is yet another fantastic and deeply engrossing chapter in Kyle’s series about the life and times of the infamous Vlad Dracul. Vlad, the man, his motivations, his triumphs, and setbacks, are brought to life as only Kyle could. While true events are indeed stranger than fiction, there is a deeper lesson woven into this phenomenal historical epic that is applicable to current events: Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.”

Joe N, review of Voivod Book Three: Forest of Spears

“… a well-crafted look into the early life of Vlad the Impaler through the enthusiastically macabre lens of author Kyle B. Stiff.”

J. Dean, review of Voivod Book One: Son of the Dragon