Occult Pop Culture

I have a curious and obsessive nature, and I’m good at spotting patterns. Those are key ingredients for two types of people: The bus stop schizo, and someone who watches B movies and thinks they’ve been shown the secret mysteries of the universe. Maybe those are ultimately the same person. Whatever the case, any time I’m watching a movie or playing a video game and I see the veil parting to reveal the deeper truth behind the illusory form, I’ll report it here.


Remember: At the end of the day, all stories are channeled stories. We don’t make them up. They come from somewhere else, generated by beings we cannot see but whose movements we can recognize throughout history.

People seem to like the following pieces, but there are more under the drop-down menu.

David Bowie’s Blackstar: Occult Interpretation

Occult Framework of Pee-wee’s Big Adventure

The Mythology of SAW

Frank Herbert’s Dune and Modern Conspiracy Mythology

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