Japan: Land of Terror

Some vids of ridiculous Japanese pranks.

Here’s a heeeeeelarious joint about port-o-potty pranks. Towards the end, you even get to see freaking Takeshi Kitano dressed as a sailor with some kind of Hitler mustache!

The infamous “sniper prank” video…

Too beautiful joint where some poor marks get humiliated at a spa…

Ah, one of my favorites of all time! THE INSANE FUCKING TAXI RIDE FROM COCK-TOWN!!!

For this next one, which is real short and sweet, the thing to take note of is the special “two tone scream” around 0:54 which should of course be played over and over again, and then there’s the freaking enchanting display of someone completely crossing over into insanity at 1:20.

*     *     *

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