I Trolled CNN!

Oh CNN! So full of yourself! Shining and glorious, full of middle-brow articles targeted toward an “adult” audience. You alone bring a sheen of quality to the anti-hierarchy that is the internet.

We’ll see about that, cocksuckers! My amazing fiance came up with the idea to find a silly-ass CNN article, then pretend to be the writer’s mom and post a comment that only a mama could write…

Here’s a headline from an article that includes some dipshit’s list of 2010’s best movies; there’s no doubt that he wrote this while exploring a glass of Fuckwit Vineyard’s finest new vintage, and when he finished the piece he most likely stood on his back porch, gazed up at the stars, and was filled with awe at his own status as an adult who contributes to society…

Then mama came and brought the smack down.

OneProudMama draws first blood!

Oh, here’s a good one! Some fatass that spends their days thinking about food and exercise actually thinks she has the eggs to write an article about seventeen different ways to lose weight. As if that’s really helping anyone to be a better person…

Informative! Relevant! Guidance from the masters!

Time for mama to step in.

This CNN joint is really some cock-smoker’s blog, but it’s still a part of CNN (you can see the letters C and N followed by another N in the address section).

Five tips for better sex?! Really?!?! So if I click this link, it’s going to tell me why my love life is the same unemotional, loveless, frantic wreck that the rest of my life is??? Thanks guys. Oh, but first, I think mama has something to say about this…

OneProudMama is the final word in all things.

*     *     *

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3 responses to “I Trolled CNN!

  1. GREAT ARTICLE! I may print it out later and do a video for XHamster where I cum on it with my own penis!!

    Too bad journalists don’t read their own comments, though.


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