Everything has its opposite, and the flip side to the concept that mankind is at the top of the food pyramid is the fact that nothing is funnier than seeing someone get hurt, their limbs twisted and face contorted with the understanding that pain has become the defining aspect of their new reality. Plus it’s always great to see some blowhard get served a dose of ass-pounding reality through the bitter pill of humiliation.

Oh goodness… the things the inmates do to one another on PENAL COLONY: EARTH!

But I guess there’s a flipside to the flipside, too. We know that psychopaths tend to make the rules, establish the conventions, and profit from some pretty horrible shit. They say that war is a part of human nature; if that’s the case, why do we have so many soldiers come back home with PTSD? Why are wars so difficult to orchestrate? Why don’t neighborhoods ever self-organize into packs and raid other neighborhoods? This might be a huge dick-shaped pill to swallow, but there’s a chance that the human species is a much more decent order of creature than we’ve been led to believe.

The psychopaths are in the minority; this much is certain. There’s a lot of bullshit talk about the next revolution in technology, a mechanical Singularity, etc, all of which is total nonsense. How is owning a “better” phone going to really make us any happier?

Maybe the next revolution is going to be about targeting psychopaths and cutting them loose from the human story. And if it is, I guarantee you, it’s gonna be freaking hilarious! Goodbye archons and mind parasites, hello renaissance!

“Fuck the New World Order.”

*     *     *

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