Dose of Burzum and Behemoth

Three very different videos from two very different metal bands. Surely one of them will get you hard enough to kill someone who doesn’t say “hi” to you in the manner that you like, or at least quit moping so fuckin’ much.

Burzum is a one man band developed by Varg Vikernes. He just recently got out of prison. He was locked away for twenty-plus years because he killed a fellow metalhead – he chased him around an apartment complex and stabbed him in the forehead with a tiny pocketknife while a mutual friend ran around them shrieking in terror and making the scene look like Benny Hill meets Hellraiser.

Here’s another band. Very different.

These guys, Behemoth, they have the funding and the production quality that Burzum never had. The song is intense, but not particularly good; not uncommon for Behemoth. The only reason I post it is because there’s something badass as all hell about the video itself. The fact that they’re willing to dress up in some kind of sci-fi death metal body armor-variant is ridiculously cool. If clothes like that were readily available, I wouldn’t be walking around in the fashion equivalent of a potato sack. Plus the colors are fucking nice and there’s no bullshit story that gets concluded by the end of the song, but only bleak imagery that borders on the abstract.

*     *     *

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