VOIVOD Series Is Complete

By Kyle B. Stiff

The absolute madman did it

I finished writing VOIVOD, my historically accurate series about Vlad the Impaler. The entire series is now available in ebook and in paperback.

I’m going to miss writing about Vlad Dracula and his inhuman determination to put an end to Muslim invasions, or Voivod Stefan forcing himself to become what Vlad should have been, or Matthias Corvinus outwitting his adversaries, or any of the heroes of Albania, Serbia, Hungary, Wallachia, and Moldavia fighting a losing battle against the Ottoman Empire.

Researching this series changed the way I see the world. I owe this series an incredible debt. However, I’m also glad to move on to other writing projects. I’ve already started writing Demonworld Book 8: The Hunt for Maggot-Face. I’m hoping to finish the Demonworld series sometime around the end of 2021. I’m trying to move fast because, times being what they are, we can no longer assume we won’t be living in either a third-world dump where the internet is policed by Big Tech moguls, or perhaps even in the middle of a full-scale war with foreign powers using CRISPR soldiers and all we have to defend us are platoons made up of illegal aliens and gender non-binaries who enlisted on accident, and of course have orders not to get in the way of the thriving Antifa-based economy of looting and burning. There are no longer any guarantees of national stability, so I’ll try to work as quickly as possible!

After finishing Demonworld, I plan on returning to historical fiction with a single volume about Emperor Constantine, the first Christian emperor of Rome. I want to do several books and short series about the history and wars of Christendom, in which VOIVOD would be the centerpiece, and the story of Constantine uniting Rome would be the beginning. As for fiction, I have other ideas for series that take place within the same universe as Demonworld. They’ve been in the works for over a decade, and I’d like to write as much of them as possible before I fall over gripping my heart, only to crawl toward my cell phone and then accidentally dial 9-1-2, and then pop out of my body and leave this goofy-ass clownworld.

VOIVOD 4 Available for Pre-Order

It is finished! VOIVOD Book 4: The White Valley, the final book in my historical fiction saga about Vlad the Impaler, is now available for pre-order.

I know it’s cliché, but what a journey it’s been. I never expected I would obsess over the life a historical figure and spend several years telling his story. It changed me completely. Hopefully readers will get just as much out of Vlad’s tale as I have!

From the back of the book…

Vlad’s war against the Ottoman Empire reaches its climax. As Vlad writes the tale of his own fate in blood, the advent of the printing press forges an alternate reality. In print, lies gain power over reality, and a hero turns into a monster. The world becomes a fantastic dream, and it seems we will never wake up…

Except now, in fiction, the truth is finally revealed.

Paperback versions of books 3 and 4 will be available very, very soon!

After the VOIVOD paperbacks are done, I’ll focus on finishing the Demonworld series. Let’s hope the world hangs together for a little longer, so we can finish Wodi’s journey together.