Good Morning Fuckwits!!!

I hope your day finds you FUCKED.

Triumphant, glorious, victorious!

A wakeup call from the risen Christ. Found on the internet!

A shining beacon, ours to touch once we pass through the Gate of Suffering!

Found Wandering the Internet

The strangest Ben Harris video yet. Skip around if you have to. Not sure what to think about it. Further discussion impossible.

Ben Harris, by the way, is a guy on facebook who takes pictures of the clouds or finds NASA photos of Mars, then places circles and arrows on every square inch because he sees UFOs, aliens, pyramids, and other fabulous nonsense covering every square inch.

Animal, Man, Art

Holy crap. Found this on facebook.

Christ said, “You are gods.”

Someday, in the distant future, we’ll own our own bodies. We won’t be cogs in a machine whose function has long been forgotten and which gives nobody any real enjoyment. We’ll be our own canvases. Now that is GODLIKE!!!

Isn’t it strange to think that you don’t even own your own body? If you want to take certain drugs, or get an abortion, or marry someone or something outside the norm, you actually have to ask permission from the state. Isn’t that odd?!? And if you take an illegal drug or try to end your own life, then you better be ready for some harsh consequences – you’re damaging state property!